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SISk12 Parent Portal

Looking for SISk12 Parent Portal?
The Parent Portal login page is available from the top banner of every page on our website.
The left side of the light brown banner at the top of the page is for Parents and Families.
The second button is for the Parent Portal.

When viewing on a mobile phone or tablet the link will be inside a drop-down menu with an icon of three people.

What is SISk12 Parent Portal?
SISk12 Parent Portal is a system which will allow parents to log in and view their child’s lunch balances, grades, and more!

I’m a parent, how do I access my child’s information through the Parent Portal system?
You can call your child’s building and ask to have your email address added to the Parent Portal system. After being added to the system, you should get an email within 15 minutes letting you know how to log into Parent Portal.
Even if you have more than one child and they attend different buildings within the Windsor School District you will only need to call one building to be granted access for all of your children.

I have forgotten my login username and/or password. Where can I get that information?
Your username for SISk12 Parent Portal is always your email address.
You can have the system send your password to you again from the log in page. There is a “Forgot your password?” link that will ask for your email address then will send your password to you.

I’m still having troubles logging into the system.  Who can I contact for help?
Please contact your child’s building for help with the Parent Portal.

How do you use the SISk12 Parent Portal?
Here is a document which details every portion of the Parent Portal and how to use it.

Parent’s Guide to Parent Portal (Updated 5/22/2019)

What about Online Registration?
Online registration (including the Free and Reduced Meal Application) will be opened after the 2018-2019 school year has completed. We’ll be sending out emails to current Parent Portal users explaining more about the Online Registration process.

How can I view my child’s individual assignment grades?
Gradebook Summary
You should see six buttons under the tabs at the top of the page when you log in. The fifth from the left of these buttons is “Gradebook Summary.” After clicking on this button you will see the list of classes your child is in. Click on the “Detail” link to the far right of the class you would like to know more about. This will show you the individual assignment grades. You can get back to the home page by clicking on the “Home” tab in the upper left side of the screen or by selecting your child under the “Select Student” drop-down.

I can’t use the drop-downs at the top of the page (such as the Change Student dropdown).
This is a known issue on unsupported browsers. Supported browsers are:

  • PC with Internet Explorer 9-11, Firefox, Chrome, or Edge with Windows 10

    • On Windows XP, use Firefox or Chrome

  • Mac with Safari, Firefox, or Chrome

  • Android tablets with Chrome

  • iOS with Safari

If you are having an issue viewing the page and are not using one of the above browsers, we recommend using a different browser to view the SISk12 Parent Portal pages. All of the above browsers are completely free to use. The Windsor School District recommends using Google Chrome to browse the Parent Portal system. Chrome is available for all Windows and Mac systems. You can download Chrome for free from