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Stanton’s Stars
Relay for Life Team

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Stanton’s Stars consists of the Kindergarten Team at Windsor Elementary, from left: Johna Poe, Jessica Carter, Jenna Laury, Stephanie Ruether, Angie Wilfong, Sherri Lipa, and Amy Pouvaranukoah. Other team members not pictured are kindergarten teacher Treena Fults, Central Office Secretary Laurie Rudden, Windsor parent Diane Davis, and former teacher Rachel Politte.

We started the Relay as a way to show support for our dear friend, Connie Stanton. We now Relay in her memory.

To date, our team has raised $16,000 for American Cancer Society. We have a goal this year to raise another $5000. You can track our progress or make a donation at our Relay for Life webpage:

Thank you for helping create a world with more birthdays.