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The Windsor Way

The Windsor Way:

Be respectful, be responsible, be safe!

This is how our school applies these rules to all of the areas in our building.

The Windsor Way
Be. . . . All Settings Classroom Bus Recess Cafeteria Hallway Restroom Assemblies
Respectful Follow adult directions

Use kind words

Use proper voice level

See teacher’s rule poster “Give me 5” Freeze when whistle blows and listen for directions

Share and play nicely with others

Say please, thank you, and excuse me

Give others enough space

Follow line basics Give others privacy/space

Wait your turn

Flush toilet

Use correct amount of soap and towels

Be an active listener

Use the silent cheer

Responsible Take care of self and things that belong to you

Be a problem solver

If someone is bothering you tell him to STOP!  Go to an adult and say “Can you help me?” if that person still bothers you.

See teacher’s rule poster “Give me 5” Be a problem solver: use the Peace Place Clean up all trash

Eat food in time given

Throw trash in trash cans

Follow line basics Always wash hands

Throw towel in the trash can

Return to class when done

Be an active listener
Safe Keep hands, feet and objects on you

Use materials and equipment correctly

Use walking feet in the building

See teacher’s rule poster “Give me 5” Use “I” messages

Use playground equipment correctly

Raise hand for help

Eat your own food

Stay in assigned area

Follow line basics Keep water in the sink Be an active listener