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Miss Holly Lammert

Windsor Elementary 


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Response to Intervention

Room 203 | Ext: 4920

We strive to make our school an academically productive place for all students to learn. To be proactive and sensitive to individual academic needs, Windsor School District has adopted a school wide approach called Response to Intervention, or RTI. This is a flexible and dynamic problem-solving format that helps us provide timely assistance to students and match each student with his or her level of need.

RTI has Four Tiers:

Tier 1  Core Instruction:   Tier 1 activities occur throughout the day, but also will occur specifically at 2:25-2:55 each day.  Class sizes will include no more than 20 students.  Tier 1 students will consist of students who are at the 25-75%  on reading and/or math assessments, as well as the RTI rubric.

Tier 2  Small Group Instruction:   Tier 2 interventions will take place in small groups each day from 2:25-2:55.  There will be a group of classroom teachers who will service these students.  Class sizes will include no more than 8 students.

Teachers will service each group of 4 students for 10-15 minutes and then switch to service their other group.  While the teacher is working with the small group, the other students will use the computer, learning center games, independent activities, ect.  Teachers will probe (test) students once a week.  There will be no RTI on Mondays to allow for class meetings.

Tier 3  Individual Instruction:  Tier 3 needs will be serviced at a different time during the day.  Tier 3 students may attend other Tier activities as the teacher sees fit.  For example, you may have a Tier 3 student in math but who excels in reading. That student could attend Enrichment.  If your student is average in the other area, they may attend Tier 1.  If the student struggles in both areas, it may be possible for them to  receive Tier 2 services, depending on the number of students already receiving services at a time.

Tier 4  Enrichment: Tier 4 is not actually a part of the RTI process, but we are including it as part of our time to service our above-average learners.  Tier 4 will be implemented by the Specials teachers, Engelbach, Gill, Farmer, Gioia,  and B. Smith.  Teachers will create Units based on their interest, as well as the students.  The classes will be multi-grade level and include 1st and 2nd graders.  Students will rotate through each teacher during a 6 week period.  The students will be placed based on their academic abilities and behavior.  Each unit will last about 2 weeks.  Class sizes will be no more than 25 students.  These activities and units will be tied into the curriculum.

Other Information:  Special education students will be included in these activities as much as possible.

We have  RTI teams in place that addresses the needs of our students using this model. The team reviews student data to find students demonstrating a need for a Level intervention. The RTI team meets to discuss positive strategies to help him or her to perform at their potential.

Feel free to contact me with questions at ext. 4920 or at

Holly Lammert