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3rd Quarter News

Happy New Year!! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.

I hope you enjoyed the Christmas gift your child made for you. The children really enjoyed making these special gifts. A special thank you for all the wonderful gifts I received. I greatly appreciate all that you do.

I am so proud of all the children and their families who donated to the Christmas Wish Drive. We were able to help a lot of families in our district that are in need this time of year.

Remember if you have any questions, feel free to call me at school (636-464-4408), send an email: or send a note with your child. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

The following is a schedule of our special classes:

Day 1 – – Art
Day 2 – – Music
Day 3 – – Library and Computer
Day 4 – – Computer and Library
Day 5 – – PE

Listed is a copy of skills your child will need to know for 3rd quarter: Practice recognizing numbers 1-30 randomly, Practice counting 1-75, Practice identifying capital and lowercase letters A-Z, Practice identifying the sounds of the letters A-Z, Recognizing beginning, middle, and ending sounds in words, Practice identifying the sight words: a, of, the, and, to, is, you, that, it, in, he, was, for, are, on, as, with, Reading nonsense words, Counting 20 objects, Identifying spatial positions, Measuring an object, Constructing/Interpreting a bar graph, Sorting and Ordering objects by size, Practice fine motor skills such as: writing first and last name, writing sounds, writing beginning, middle, and ending sounds, writing numbers to 30, cutting, writing the letters, writing sight words. Thank you for all of your help at home. It really does pay off.
Letters we are learning this quarter:
Gg, Ss, Zz, Jj, Uu, Ee, Oo, Ll, Rr

I encourage you to keep reading each evening with your children. Not only is this an excellent way to spend time with them, it also shows them that reading is a priority to you. Don’t forget to document your reading time and send in your reading slips for Pasta House and Pizza Hut. I will send home replacement forms when each child returns a form.

Thanks again for all the snacks that have been coming in. The children really enjoy these special treats. Snacks are welcomed at school at any time. Pretzels, chips, dry cereal, cookies or crackers are all great snacks and easy to hand out. We currently have 20 students in our class.

Please continuing saving all Box Top of Education tabs and Karsch’s receipts. Please send with your child in a plastic bag.

Birthday Reminders: We are happy to celebrate your child’s special day. There are a few guidelines that must be followed in doing so:
• We do not have parties in our classroom, but you may drop off a treat for us to serve during our snack time or treats may be purchased from our cafeteria by calling (636-464-4408).
• Before purchasing a treat, please remember we are a peanut free classroom.
• If you are planning a party for your child, please note that no one may be excluded, per school policy. This means that you either invite the entire class, or all boys, or all girls.

With the cold winter weather here also comes snow, ice, freezing rain, etc. Please listen to the following news media for early dismissals or cancellations:

KSDK – Channel 5
KMOV – Channel 4
FOX – Channel 2
KMOX 1120 AM
KTJJ 98.5 FM
KJFF 1400 AM

Also with winter come many illnesses. Although good attendance is important, please keep in mind that a student cannot return to school until they are fever free for 24 hours. Please remember to contact the school office each day that your child is absent (636-464-4408). Also, keep your emergency referral card updated to include current home and work numbers.

Just a reminder, we do go outside for recess each day unless temperatures are extremely cold or the playground is covered with snow. Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for the weather and all their belongings (coat, hat, and gloves) are labeled.