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Windsor Elementary believes that a well-rounded education includes not only an academic education, but a character one as well.  Each month our students will learn about a different character trait and how to apply the trait to their own lives.

The link below provides you access to a variety of resources we put together to help you lead your child’s character development.  While we have reviewed the items prior to adding them, we cannot be held responsible if there is an inappropriate pop-up or link posted in comments or sidebar.

Character Resources for Parents

For the 2017-2018 school year we will be focusing on implementing Class Meetings and NESTS (Nurturing, Educating, Supporting, and Teaching Students) at WE.  These will serve to help students feel a part of our community here and to develop relationships that can assist them with anything they need. More information about Class Meetings and Families (NESTS) can be found in the link below.

WE Character Education explanation

The character traits that Windsor Elementary students will focus on include:

Courage:  being brave or bold

Respect:  showing consideration for self, others, rules and authority

Responsibility:  being accountable for your own choices and behaviors

Cooperation:  working together toward a common goal

Leadership & Service:  helping others despite the challenges  grinch-home-hoot

Perseverance:  striving to accomplish a goal

Kindness:  showing sympathy for a person who is suffering or distressed in some way

Honesty:  being truthful to others and self

Accountability:  being responsible for your own actions

Self-Discipline:  managing your behavior in a positive way

Be sure to check your child’s folder at the end of each month for the Positive Behavior Support/Character Education Conversation Calendar, which will encourage daily conversation about the monthly character trait.

Below is our Service Learning Calendar for the 2018-2019 school year.

Service Learning Calendar 2018-2019 for FAMILIES